Employer Sponsored Coverage
Our philosophy is simple. We LISTEN and deliver innovative benefit solutions and related products that fit with your business' identified needs. By meeting to discuss your business' structure, needs and goals, we can provide each client with hands-on, personalized service and flexibility that is unsurpassed by any other Insurance Agency. Insurance Solutions does not work for one carrier, however, we work with each client one-on-one to establish an individualized plan; we value each client and the relationship that is built along the way.

In an extremely competitive industry, Insurance Solutions has set itself apart with experience, knowledge, ethics and compassion. We offer an online enrollment system with HR and onsite enrollments, process terminations, process new hire applications, COBRA, ERISA compliance, ACA compliance, etc. at no additional charge to the employer. Insurance Solutions is proud to be a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist, and is the only Broker to hold this Certificate in the Northwest Georgia area. It is our goal to keep you informed of the changes in the health insurance industry which will impact you and your employees. Insurance Solutions keeps employers and employees Protected and Productive!

Our comprehensive services provided to clients regardless if employer has 2 members or 5,000 include:
• Plan Strategy & Implementation
• Proposal Development , Analysis & Benchmarking
• Product Selection
• Carrier Relations
• Educational Services
• Claim Representation & Appeal
All groups receive these valuable services from Insurance Solutions:
• Evaluation of all current benefits and their associated cost
• Complete market review with quotes provided by an extensive array of competing insurance

• Benchmark Report, employer should know what competition offers to their members
• Analysis of the market results and guidance through decision process
• Consultation that offers alternative solutions for budgeting concerns
• Easy Apps secure online application processing for pre-screen ease
• Billing audit for accuracy of enrollments and cost containment
• Education, including benefit meetings, ensuring all employees understand their coverage
• Complete Administrative Guide prepared for your benefits administrator
• Full service to both the plan administrator and employees (claims issues, appeals, education of
benefits, large claim audits, billing questions, etc)

• Wellness programs that encourage healthy and productive lifestyles among employees & their

• Compliance review, strategy and implementation
• Online benefits management tools
• Open enrollment education and assistance
Insurance Solutions has partnerships with all major insurance providers so we may offer the best plan for your needs and budget.
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