Enrollment Services & HR
Employees like it and HR loves it. Anyone that's been through the difficult setup process with other online enrollment systems can value the simple fact that our system works and is user friendly! Our HR software will assist you in managing your company's growth. HR has the ability to:
Set up holidays, manage PTO policies and track time off request. Employees may request time off and Managers can approve on the go, perfect for busy teams. Payroll integration – employee deductions are automatically updated with your payroll provider.
Company Directory
One complete directory for employee contact information. View by name, location or department. No set up required.
Performance Reviews
Managers & HR can create custom performance reviews. Once created, they may be shared with other manager's within their organization.
Company Stats
Company executives & HR Admins can make better decisions with visualized HR stats, including employee growth, company diversity and more.
100% online New Hire Onboarding, Employee handbook, digital W-4's, I-9 and direct deposit set-up, policy & document acknowledgement.
Why Online Enrollment?
Online enrollment eliminates the need for paper forms, reduces errors, and gives you access to real-time updates on open enrollment progress. All employees get a unique login to explore and learn their benefit options and reference information about their elections year round. Our system directs employees from start to finish, through each benefit offered, and allows them to view the payroll deduction before they decide to enroll. Insurance Solutions will setup your online enrollment portal with your company logo and employee information.
This is an added service provided FREE to our employers.
Insurance Solutions offers ON SITE enrollments and online enrollments.
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