freshbenies takes the headache out of healthcare (and more)…all in one easy-to-use card! As a freshbenies member, you have access to care and support that save you time, money, and frustration. Like what?

•Call a doctor 24/7 and get a prescription written (if needed)
•Email specialists for trustworthy, personalized answers to your medical questions
•Get help from expert health advocates who navigate "the system," including medical bill review/negotiation and medical procedure pricing
•Access exclusive discounts on dental, vision and prescription needs
•Save with exclusive pet care discounts
•Access free and discounted legal care
•Partner with LifeLock for peace of mind identity theft protection

freshbenies is a HUGE help for those with great insurance, some insurance or no insurance! For instance, you can't always get your primary care physician on the phone in 10 minutes at 2am to answer a question, get peace of mind or a much-needed medication. With freshbenies, you can call a doctor 24/7 and get a prescription written (no consult fee), if needed! Or, you can email a specialist and get personalized answers to your medical questions within a few hours. Even with insurance, you need help navigating "the system", finding high-quality lower-cost options for care, and organizing or negotiating medical bills. Even with insurance, you can use dental, vision and prescription discounts throughout the year on things that are expensive or not covered by your insurance.
Insurance Solutions has partnerships with all major insurance providers so we may offer the best plan for your needs and budget.
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