Wellness Programs
Wellness Programs are a WIN for Employers by reducing overall cost and healthier Employees!
Wellness is vital because productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost U.S. employers $226 billion annually.

Employees who are unengaged in Wellness averaged 23 hours of unscheduled absences per year over the course of three years. Engaged members, on average, had six fewer hours of unscheduled absences.

Studies have proven a healthy workforce is better equipped to handle the daily grind with a more positive outlook. Insurance Solutions will work with your members to develop a Wellness Program that fits your culture. Our dedicated team will implement the program and coach your members through the program to reach their full potential.

Insurance Solutions offers several carriers that will reduce a members medical insurance premium by 10%, if they manage a simple health routine.

Wellness is a wonderful addition to your medical plan and doesn't cost employers a dime!
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